Russian Bishops Reject ‘Blessing’ Same-Sex Couples

In a statement released on March 2, the Roman Rite bishops of Russia stated:

In view of the misunderstandings that have arisen around the declaration of Fiducia Supplicans, CCER considers it important to emphasize that Catholic doctrine on family and marriage remains unchanged. Only one man and one woman together in marriage with their children, a family. The Church recognizes its special responsibility to support and strengthen marriage and the family as a privileged community and the primary unit of society (see CIC, 2002–2009). The Church blesses marital relationships and families and surrounds them with pastoral care. In the spirit of evangelical charity and maternal love, the Church has not rejected intercessory prayer for people in various situations and has sought the grace of God necessary for conversion, for the strengthening, initiation or continuation of good intentions. Have demanded. The path of religion.

They concluded:

To avoid temptations and confusion, the CCER draws attention to the fact that the blessing of any type of couples who remain in irregular relationships (cohabitation, co-marriage, same-sex) is unacceptable.


TAKE ACTION: Sign the petition calling for the resignation of Cardinal Fernández who issued Fiducia Supplicans.


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