The Great Bergoglio Train Wreck

The moral teaching of the Church, especially on matters sexual, is undercut directly in Fiducia Supplicans, and that is not an accident.

The latest document from the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith, titled Fiducia Supplicans (Supplicating Trust), has generated a lot of controversy since its release early Monday. And as has become more and more common these days, you find both staunch conservatives and progressive liberals agreeing that there is more to this text than meets the eye and that it does indeed represent an important shift in magisterial teaching.

In a podcast on “The Catholic Thing,” Robert Royal and Fr. Gerald Murray said the new text has introduced an “innovation” into how the Church understands the nature of some priestly blessings in order to justify the blessing of “same sex couples”. The indefatigable LGBTQ advocate Fr. James Martin, S.J. agrees, as we see in his statement on “X” that, “Be wary of the ‘Nothing has changed’ response to today’s news. It’s a significant change. In short, yesterday, as a priest, I was forbidden to bless same-sex couples at all. Today, with some limitations, I can.”

My own view mirrors that of Royal and Fr. Murray, and I think the document clearly calls for an interpretation that views it as a significant change from past practices. As usual, the papal “explainers” are left scrambling for justifications and explanations that are increasingly difficult to sell to anyone who has been paying attention.

If there is nothing really new here and the text is just repeating what Pope Francis has already said in his response to the dubia questions in October, right before the Synod, then why issue it at all? And, not only issue it, but raise it to the level of a “Declaration,” which is the highest level a DDF document can reach, the last one being Dominus Iesus in 2000.

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