WATCH: Latest Example Of What’s Wrong With Today’s ‘Catholic’ Education

  Undercover LifeSiteNews journalist Myles Vosylius attended the “When Faith Meets Pedagogy Conference” hosted by Catholic Curriculum Corporation on October 26 in Toronto — and was kicked out for wanting to interview students and teachers about their Catholic faith. Vosylius’ hidden microphone captured the moment he was asked to leave the conference and his long … Read more

Bishop Strickland Barred from Saying Mass in Tyler Diocese

UPDATE: The Pillar subsequently reported that Bishop Strickland has not been banned from saying Mass, but LSN stands by its original story. LifeSiteNews has learned that Bishop Joseph Strickland has been barred from saying Mass in the Diocese of Tyler, Texas. At a recent staff meeting, employees were reportedly informed that while Strickland cannot offer … Read more

Victims Suffer While Predators Thrive

A recent public event held in the New York Archdiocese was attended by accused sexual predator Father Thomas Devery, a former Director of Priest Personnel who resigned as pastor of a prestigious Staten Island parish and school after facing grave sex abuse allegations in multiple lawsuits.  Amid reports that Cardinal Timothy Dolan failed to inform parishioners … Read more

Trial of the Century: “When the Pope Does It, That Means Its Not Illegal.”

In the galaxy of Italian Catholicism, Alberto Melloni and Sandro Magister may not quite be matter and anti-matter, but they’re definitely not on the same planet. Melloni is a progressive historian and essayist, an exponent of the “Bologna School” and its liberal reading of Vatican II, while Magister, an influential journalist, is a voice for … Read more

FBI’s Day of Reckoning?

Will Catholic Bishops do anything in response? You knew it. I knew it. And yesterday, the whole world found out. The FBI deliberately weaponized undercover agents and counterterrorism tools to target Catholic Americans. Yesterday afternoon the House Judiciary Committee released a stunning report proving the hard truth: the Biden administration’s Department of Justice has been … Read more

Pope Francis to COP28: Climate Has ‘Run Amok,’ Planet ‘Overheating’

Pope Francis sent a message Saturday to the COP28 United Nations climate summit decrying the “unbridled exploitation” of the environment by first world nations. Climate change “greatly endangers all human beings,” the pontiff said in his sternly worded address, and “time is short” to react to the current ecological crisis. “It has now become clear … Read more

Cardinal Müller: Mass Migration Being Used To Destroy National Identities

Cardinal Gerhard Müller has said that “self-appointed” globalists are using mass migration to destroy the national identity of countries. In an exclusive interview with LifeSiteNews, Müller talked about the ideologies behind globalism and their dire consequences. “Mass immigration is not about helping people but about destroying national identity,” Müller said. “They say that national identity … Read more