Lexington Priest AGAIN Violates the Terms of Fiducia Supplicans by Offering APPOINTMENTS for Same-Sex Blessings

Fr. Richard Watson has apparently learned nothing from the scandal he created earlier this year.

A parish in the Diocese of Lexington, Kentucky is offering blessings for same-sex couples by appointment, against the direction of the Vatican instructions which emphasize that such blessings should be spontaneous.

Historic St. Paul Catholic Church in Lexington has highlighted on its “LGBTQ+ Ministry and Fortunate Families” webpage: “Same-sex couples who would like a blessing, please contact Father Richard” at the provided phone number or email.

CatholicVote reached out to Fr. Richard, requesting comment on the fact that offering scheduled blessings goes against the Vatican document Fiducia supplicans, which states that blessings for same-sex couples should be spontaneous.

CatholicVote also asked how and where the blessings are given in order to comply with the document’s instructions.

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TAKE ACTION: Contact Bishop Stowe at 859-253–1993 and let him know what you think.


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