Bishop of Wote Reject Pope’s Stance on Blessing Same-Sex Couples

Bishop Paul Kariuki Njiru of the Catholic Diocese of Wote has barred priests in the diocese from blessing same-sex couples in defiance of Pope Francis’ call to priests to bless such relationships.

In a statement on Wednesday addressed to all priests and religious men and women in Wote jurisdiction dated December 27, Bishop Kariuki said the Vatican decision seriously contradicts scripture and Catholic tradition on marriage and sexuality.

“The Declaration of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith ‘FIDUCIA SUPPLICANS’ should be rejected in totality, and we faithfully uphold the Gospel teachings and Catholic tradition teachings on marriage and sexuality,” Rt. Rev. Kariuki said in the letter.

“Since this declaration totally contradicts what Pope Francis himself approved in 2021 concerning same-sex unions—that may in no manner be blessed because the Church cannot ask God to bless sin—I hereby prohibit all priests in the Catholic Diocese of Wote from blessing couples in irregular situations or same-sex couples,” Bishop Kariuki declared.

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