Francis Attacks Critics of His Homosexual ‘Blessings’ as ‘Small Ideological Groups’

Pope Francis has said that those who oppose Fiducia Supplicans (FS) “belong to small ideological groups” and that the Church in Africa is “a special case” because of its culture. 

In an interview with the Italian newspaper La Stampa, Francis addressed the criticism of the controversial Vatican declaration on “blessings” for couples in irregular situations, saying that “those who vehemently protest [FS] belong to small ideological groups.” 

The pope described the Catholic Church in Africa as “a special case” since “for them, homosexuality is something ‘ugly’ from a cultural point of view; they do not tolerate it,” according to the English translation of the interview by Vatican News. 

He furthermore said, “I trust that gradually everyone will be reassured about the spirit of the declaration,” which “aims to include, not divide. It invites us to welcome and then entrust people, and to trust in God.” 

Francis said in reference to FS that “Christ calls everyone from within.” 

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