WATCH: Fernández Now Claims Bishops BANNED from ‘Total or Definitive Denial’ of Fiducia Supplicans


Cardinal Victor Fernández has released a press statement intended to “clarify” his Fiducia Supplicans text which allowed blessings of same-sex couples, in an attempt to limit the widespread opposition from bishops to such blessings. Fernández also warned that there “is no room to distance ourselves doctrinally” from Fiducia Supplicans.

Issued January 4, Cardinal Fernández’s press release was an attempt “to help clarify the reception of Fiducia Supplicans, while recommending at the same time a full and calm reading of the Declaration so as to better understand its meaning and purpose.”

Fiducia Supplicans was released December 18, 2023, and allowed “blessings for couples in irregular situations and for couples of the same sex,” while adding that the Church’s teaching on marriage between one man and one woman remained unchanged.

Its unannounced arrival caused a storm in the Church, with large numbers of bishops and bishops’ conferences around the world expressing outrage and opposition to the text. Such rejections of the document have been particularly strong across Africa.

Referencing these reactions, though without naming any in particular, Fernández wrote that “the understandable statements of some Episcopal Conferences regarding the document Fiducia Supplicans have the value of highlighting the need for a more extended period of pastoral reflection.”

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