Cardinal of Vatican Orgy Fame Takes Part in ‘Historic’ Meeting with Italian Freemasons

Leading Catholic prelates and a scandal-plagued Vatican cardinal took part in a conference on Freemasonry and the Catholic Church today, organized by the leading Freemasonic lodge of Italy. Announced some days ago by the Grand Orient of Italy, the nation’s leading Freemasonic lodge, a conference is taking place in Milan, February 16. Entitled “Catholic Church … Read more

Cardinal Zen Warns of Pro-LGBT Synod ‘Agenda’

Joseph Cardinal Zen has released a robust critique of the Synod on Synodality and its ecclesial “vision,” stating that it “offends our intelligence” to claim that there is “no agenda” behind the Synod, warning it could “change everything.” “We cannot help but be stunned, because we are told that it is still unclear what synodality … Read more

Protestant Bishop Leads ‘Anglican Eucharist’ in Catholic Basilica with Pope’s Approval

The Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury celebrated an “Anglican Eucharist” in the Catholic Basilica of St. Bartholomew this morning, with the explicit permission of Pope Francis. Joined by Catholic and Anglican prelates from across the world, Justin Welby of the Church of England’s primary see, Canterbury, led a ceremony of “Anglican Eucharist,” in one of the … Read more

French Caribbean Bishops Ban Blessings of Homosexual ‘Couples’

Bishops in the ecclesiastical province of Antilles and Guyana have issued their rejection of blessings for homosexual “couples” and couples in “irregular situations.” Published January 21, the statement read that “in accordance with the fundamental principles of Fiducia Supplicans and in order to avoid any confusion,” priests could bless individuals but were forbidden from conferring … Read more

Pope Francis Institutes Female ‘Lectors’ at Vatican Continuing ‘Rupture from Catholic Tradition’

Pope Francis instituted men and women in the ministries of lector and catechist in the Vatican Sunday, continuing the practice he began following his 2021 changes to Canon Law which has been described as continuing “the pattern of rupture from Catholic tradition.” On January 21, Pope Francis instituted two women as lectors, along with seven … Read more

Northern African Bishops’ Conference Endorses Blessings For Homosexual ‘Couples’

A split has emerged in Africa as bishops’ conferences in the north of the continent announced they will offer blessings for same-sex couples, ignoring an earlier statement from the head of all the bishops’ conferences of Africa and Madagascar ruling out such blessings. “When people in an irregular situation come together to ask for a … Read more

Prominent Catholic Academics Urge Bishops Against Homosexual ‘Blessings’

A trio of prominent Catholic intellectuals have joined the ranks of those opposing the Vatican’s document Fiducia Supplicans and its subsequent press release, warning that the two texts “tend to suggest that… doctrine does not matter very much.” “The truth at stake, which it is a serious responsibility of pastors to communicate, is that sexual … Read more

Fr. James Martin Claims ‘Same-Sex Relationships’ are ‘integral’ to the Church

Notorious LGBT activist Father James Martin, S.J., has joined with a fellow prominent Jesuit and Synod on Synodality member to claim that “we cannot deny the reality of same-sex relationships as integral to the meaning of the church as the People of God.” “Both heterosexual and homosexual people embody the truth of their dignity as imago … Read more

Viganò: Tucho’s Defense of Fiducia Supplicans Shows His ‘Manifest Heresy’

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has stated that Cardinal Fernández’s press release defending Fiducia Supplicans is part of an attempt to “cause a schism” and to “demolish it [the Church] from within,” accusing the cardinal of “manifest heresy.” “{A}ny document bearing Tucho’s signature can be considered devoid of any value, due to the manifest heresy of … Read more