WATCH: Cardinal Müller Slams Pope Francis’ ‘Political’ Laicization of Fr. Pavone

  Cardinal Gerhard Müller strongly defended Fr. Frank Pavone and slammed Pope Francis’ laicization of the renowned pro-life priest in an exclusive interview with LifeSiteNews. Cardinal Müller, the former head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the top Vatican doctrinal office, called Fr. Pavone’s dismissal unjustifiable and “only political.” Laicization is a … Read more

WATCH: 1,000+ Communist Priests Infiltrated the Catholic Church in America

Bella Dodd was a committed Stalinist who worked to undermine democracy in America and orthodoxy in the Catholic Church. Dodd’s charm and wit helped her succeed in a once-considered conspiracy theory — infiltrating 1,000+ communists into the Catholic Church leadership. Now, Dr. Paul Kangor offers the full facts in his new book, “The Devil and … Read more

WATCH: Babies Are The Real Losers In The Midterm Elections

  Pro-abortionists march forward to destroy the unborn. Meanwhile, many so-called ‘shepherds’ of the Church have abandoned their flocks as the West reels in the battle for life. But where confusion abounds, LifeSite offers a clear voice and vision. Join John-Henry Westen, Liz Yore, and Fr. Altman as they unpack this week’s key issues, post-election … Read more

WATCH: Arizona Bishops Attempt to Cancel Catholics

The Arizona Conference of Catholic Bishops has publicly denounced a pro-life and pro-family Catholic nonprofit, Catholics for Catholics, just days before the US Midterm Elections. The Culture of Death, LGBT agenda, and so much more are being pushed on Catholics. Read more at LifeSite News   TAKE ACTION: Contact Ron Johnson, Executive Director of the … Read more

WATCH: Bishop Schneider Says Vatican Must Acknowledge ‘Error’ in Pushing Ineffective Abortion-Tainted COVID Jabs

In this segment of John Henry Westen’s interview with Bishop Athanasius Schneider, John Henry asks His Excellency about the evils of relativism and modernism invading the Church, namely what the meaning of the dogma “No salvation outside the Church” really means and how that should inform the Church’s relationship with other religious leaders. Bishop Schneider … Read more

WATCH: Catholics Have a Duty to Resist Pope Francis

Your browser does not support the video tag.   During an Oct. 1 press conference hosted by the Catholic Identity Conference in Pittsburgh, PA, John-Henry explains why faithful Catholics have a duty to resist the undermining of Church teaching perpetuated by globalists, the Vatican, and even Pope Francis himself on life and family issues.

WATCH: The Church’s Week From Hell

  On this week’s Faith & Reason, the panel reacts to the formal correction of Pope Francis’ statement on Holy Communion by several bishops and scholars, the recent controversy over the Pope signing an ‘ecumenical’ document which asserted (before it was modified) that God wills ‘differences in religion,’ the delayed trial of Cardinal Joseph Zen, … Read more

WATCH: Cdl. Müller Says Father James Martin’s LGBT Propaganda is ‘Heresy’

On today’s episode of The John-Henry Westen Show, I had the privilege of sitting down with Cardinal Gerhard Müller. His Eminence shared with me his thoughts on the rumors of Pope Francis’ resignation, the significance of Bishop Robert McElroy becoming a cardinal, and the Vatican sowing confusion in its differing treatments of human rights defender … Read more