WATCH: Through Their Silence, Clergy Complicit In The Rise Of Evil

  Catholic author Ted Flynn is sounding the alarm about the ‘Divine Reset’ that Heaven is preparing for the world as foretold in the prophecies of Garabandal. Flynn’s new book, Garabandal—the Warning and the Great Miracle: The Divine Reset that Will Correct the Conscience of the World, describes in detail how Heaven’s ‘Divine Reset’ will … Read more

TAKE ACTION: US Bishops Must Excommunicate Joe Biden After His Demonic Pro-Abortion State of the Union Address

President @JoeBiden must be excommunicated by the @USCCB after he promised to restore Roe v. Wade and #abortion-on-demand during his #SOTU24 SIGN: — LifeSiteNews (@LifeSite) March 8, 2024   Joe Biden scandalizes the faithful and the world by using his so-called ‘Catholic faith’ as a cloak for his murderous abortion activism. Why won’t … Read more

OUTRAGE: San Antonio Archbishop Cancels Catholic Family Business

The letter from Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller of San Antonio formally prohibits all clergy, schools, retreat centers, and Catholic groups ‘from contracting with or utilizing Sanctus Ranch for any Catholic-sponsored retreats, meetings, activities, or spiritual endeavors.’     In a devastating blow to a faithful Texas Catholic family with six children who have made their living … Read more

WATCH: Cardinal Dolan Downplays Sacrilegious Funeral at St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York whitewashed the sacrilege that took place during “Cecilia” Gentili’s funeral at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, sparking outcry from Catholics around the world for justice. Catholics are called during the season of Lent to pray, fast, and repent from their sins and offer sacrifices for the sins of others. Now more … Read more

WATCH: Former Lesbian Says Priest’s Attempt to Whitewash Sin Harmed Her

  The Church is still reeling from the mid-December hit that was Fiducia Supplicans. The recent open letter I signed with other journalists and scholars asking bishops and cardinals to petition for its reversal, as well as the conversations had in LifeSite’s Faith & Reason podcast, are proof of this. However, Kim Zember, a revert … Read more

WATCH: Civil War Brewing Over Illegal Immigration?

  Civil War in the United States and in the Catholic Church has never seemed more imminent. The ongoing illegal immigration crisis at the Texas border and Pope Francis’ bombshell document Fiducia Supplicans — allowing blessings of homosexual couples — mark two key political and religious rifts between pro-life and pro-family advocates of Western tradition, … Read more

WATCH: Bishop Strickland Says Pope Francis Using ‘Sleight of Hand’ to Undermine Catholic Teaching

  The first episode of Faith & Reason for the new year sees Bishop Joseph Strickland, formerly of the Diocese of Tyler, Texas, and Father Charles Murr join John-Henry Westen to discuss the continuing fallout over Fiducia supplicans, the Vatican’s document allowing the blessing of “irregular” couples, a lightning strike that vaporized the blessing hand … Read more

WATCH: Fernández Now Claims Bishops BANNED from ‘Total or Definitive Denial’ of Fiducia Supplicans

  Cardinal Victor Fernández has released a press statement intended to “clarify” his Fiducia Supplicans text which allowed blessings of same-sex couples, in an attempt to limit the widespread opposition from bishops to such blessings. Fernández also warned that there “is no room to distance ourselves doctrinally” from Fiducia Supplicans. Issued January 4, Cardinal Fernández’s press release … Read more

WATCH: Bishop Athanasius Schneider Says Blessing of Same-Sex Unions is ‘An Abomination’

  Bishop Athanasius Schneider sits down with John-Henry Westen in Rome to critically examine Pope Francis’ disastrous impact on Catholic doctrine. Bishop Schneider provides a how-to guide on demanding from bishops the true teaching of the Church. Through Bishop Schneider’s articulate analysis, this first segment of our two-part interview sheds light on the crisis of … Read more