Leaving ‘Pride’ Behind: Answering The ‘Fiducia Supplicans’ Confusion

The Vatican’s release of the document Fiducia Supplicans late last year created massive confusion throughout the Catholic world. How should faithful Catholics respond to this document? And perhaps more importantly, how should we respond to the issues the document purports to address?

After six months of observation and reflection, I would like to propose an answer. We should focus not on people who, for whatever combinations of reasons, seek to change the Church’s teaching on homosexual acts. Instead, we should focus on those persons who have journeyed away from an LGBT identity. These individuals embrace the Church’s teaching and have found that living according to the Church’s ancient and revered teaching enhances their lives.

I recognize that paying attention to this group of people, colloquially called “ex-gays,” is not “politically correct.” This strategy is, however, scientifically, theologically and pastorally correct. Let me explain.

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