20 Years After the Dallas Charter, Has Catholic Clergy Sex Abuse Been ‘Solved’?

Wilton Gregory was president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops at the time of the Dallas Charter in 2002. Clergy sex abuse in the Catholic Church is not “over.” I mean this in two ways. First, some clergy sexual abuse is undoubtedly still taking place. But more importantly, we haven’t really dealt with … Read more

Catholic Culture Has Changed Forever: And That’s a Good Thing

Clergy, priests and bishops, you’re on notice: We are watching. We aren’t leaving the Church. Neither are we staying and going back to “business as usual.” Deal with it, gentlemen. This is the new reality of Catholic culture. The clergy sex-abuse scandal has irrevocably changed Catholic culture. Ordinary Catholics are comfortable today doing and saying … Read more

Punishing the Guilty Is Justice, Not a Witch Hunt

There is no “witch hunt.” I don’t know anyone who wants to drive from the priesthood any celibate holy man who is true to Church teaching. In the fallout from the revelations of former-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick’s serial sexual predation, some have worried about an “anti-gay witch hunt.” Recently, a headline in America magazine all but shouted, “Homosexuality … Read more