African Priest: ‘Pope Francis is a New Judas’ for Betraying Christ’s Teachings


Concerning the truth about Pope Francis and his moral and doctrinal errors Part 5; 24 March 2024; Palm Sunday

Dear faithful Catholics throughout the world,

Today the Church enters the special time of Holy Week. At the end of this time, the victory of the Risen Christ over death, the victory of Light over darkness, and the victory of Truth over error and lies will break forth. But before that, it is worth considering Holy Week as the week of betrayal, because it shows how Judas, one of the Twelve Apostles, betrayed and sold Jesus, his Master. It is sad to write the following lines because they draw a parallel between the action of Judas Iscariot in relation to Jesus and that of Pope Francis in relation to the Truth (Jesus). Unfortunately, the facts are objective and show how Francis is playing the role of Judas by sacrificing the traditional truths that the Church received from Jesus, and how he is also playing the role of Martin Luther and the devil.

1. Pope Francis is a new Judas

On August 29, 2008, Our Lady of Anguera said: “He who could be Peter will become Judas. He will open doors to enemies and make men and women of faith suffer” (3.046). She is clearly talking about a pope who will betray the Church by installing people who are contrary to its traditional teaching. In addition, this pope will mistreat the faithful of the Church who wish to preserve the traditional Christian faith. Can we not see this today with Pope Francis? In the new statutes of the Pontifical Academy for Life, which he published on October 18, 2016, he removed the declaration by which members committed themselves to defending life in accordance with the teaching of the Church. After dismissing people considered “traditionalists” from the Pontifical Academy for Life (2017) and the Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family (2019), he appointed people who reject the Church’s teaching [1]: Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia (homosexuality, euthanasia, in vitro fertilization); Maurizio Chiodi (homosexuality, contraception, in vitro fertilization); Philippe Bordeyne, Marie-Jo Thiel (homosexuality, contraception); Alain Thomasset (homosexuality); Nigel Biggar, Roberto Dell’Oro, Fishel Fernando Szlajen, Avraham Steinberg, Mariana Mazzucato (abortion); Gilfredo Marengo, Miguel Yáñez (contraception); Katarina Le Blanc (in vitro fertilization); etc.

On the other hand, Francis has also appointed and created various heretical bishops and cardinals (Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich, S.J.; Cardinal Robert McElroy; Cardinal Víctor Manuel Fernández; Bishop John Stowe; etc.) and has been complacent towards others (Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio, several German bishops, etc.) who have committed serious faults. He has thus rejected canons 276§1 [2] , 351§1 [3] and 378§1 [4], which insist on the importance of choosing and appointing people who are exemplary in human and supernatural virtues, i.e. models of holiness, piety, apostolic zeal, and fidelity to Christian doctrine.

In reality, this ecclesial custom is not a pontifical caprice but rather obeys a clear desire of Jesus Christ, Founder of the Church, who wanted the holy treasure of graces that he entrusted to His Church, in the Sacraments, to be administered by holy stewards or at least stewards who desire to be holy and strive to acquire holiness [5]. Jesus Christ recalled this desire to St. Catherine of Siena, who wrote it to the apostolic nuncio Gérard du Puy, a relative of Pope Gregory XI: “When the time comes to choose pastors and cardinals… pray him as far as possible to stop only at the virtue and good and holy reputation of persons… virtue is the only thing that makes a man noble and pleasing to God” [6].

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