Ignoring Fiducia Supplicans Restrictions, German Church Proceeds with Development of Formal ‘Ceremonies’ for Blessing Sin

Birgit Mock, the vice president of the Central Committee of German Catholics (ZDK), announced that in light of Rome’s permission to grant blessings to “couples” in irregular unions and same-sex “couples” the German bishops will continue as planned to work on a handout for “blessing ceremonies” to give to priests, ignoring the Vatican’s stipulation to the contrary.

Mock announced the intention to proceed with the handout in an interview with the German news outlet Katholisch.de. She celebrated the fact that despite Rome not changing the Church’s teaching on marriage and sexuality, it nonetheless has now changed Church practice on the question of giving blessings to “couples” outside of marriage, such as adultery and sodomy.

“Until now, there was always the question of whether the Church’s teaching on relationships and sexuality had to be changed before a blessing could be given,” she said. “In the current declaration, it is the other way round: the doctrine of the Church has not (yet) been changed, but blessing is possible. In my view, this opens up a very important bridge into practice — a practice that we have had in Germany for many years and which is thus greatly strengthened.”

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