Prominent Catholic Academics Urge Bishops Against Homosexual ‘Blessings’

A trio of prominent Catholic intellectuals have joined the ranks of those opposing the Vatican’s document Fiducia Supplicans and its subsequent press release, warning that the two texts “tend to suggest that… doctrine does not matter very much.”

“The truth at stake, which it is a serious responsibility of pastors to communicate, is that sexual acts are gravely immoral unless they express and actualize a committed and exclusive marital union, the kind of union within which new human beings are entitled to be born and raised,” closed a newly published article in First Things.

Warning that the Church had spread “more confusion about same-sex blessings,” the critique of Fiducia Supplicans was written by prominent former professor of natural law and legal philosophy at Oxford, John Finnis; Robert George, professor of jurisprudence at Princeton; and Father Peter Ryan, S.J., a professor at Sacred Heart Major Seminary and former official for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

In their tightly-worded analysis of Fiducia Supplicans and the January 4 press release from Cardinal Víctor Manuel Fernández defending the text, the trio outlined a series of reasons to not practice the “blessing” of same-sex “couples.”

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