Henry Sire: The Great Betrayal

The Prince of Lies has been making willing subjects in their millions around us, and the Church has not been standing for the truth. And that failure will continue as long as this past-master in deviousness sits on the throne of Peter.

In the past few weeks we have received a great blessing: the demonstration that for a large section of the Catholic Church around the world Pope Francis has gone too far. All the indications until now were that there was no limit to the capacity of the faithful to accept this Pope’s paltering with Catholic truth; but we now see that the limit was there, and that with Fiducia Supplicans it has been overstepped. All the same, against this benefit there is a much greater evil: the state of the Church that made Francis think that he could get away with his shameful document in the first place. This low state includes many aspects, large among which is a time-serving and subservient hierarchy, but the one I want to discuss here is the failure of the Catholic Church in the past sixty years to put across to the faithful its teaching on the family and on sexuality.

The attack on the Christian ideal of the family began centuries ago, with the Protestant acceptance of divorce, and in the nineteenth century it began to assume a more ideological tone with the rise of Feminism. The impact of the First World War visibly shook traditional mores, as women began to abandon the standards of modesty that had prevailed since Europe became Christian; divorce became widely accepted, and the advocacy for contraception began to shake the instinctive abhorrence of it which had survived even in Protestant societies. Against this tide, Pope Pius XI found it necessary to publish in 1930 the encyclical Casti Connubii, opposing the new trends. Thereby, Pope Pius fulfilled the perennial duty of the Church of reaffirming Christian teaching against the errors of the time. But the enemy did not consist in isolated moral evils; it was a whole false anthropology that was arising from a newly godless society. Prompted by the ideology of the French Revolution, the advanced world was beginning to see human society as an artificial collection of citizens, in which sexual difference was a mere physical accident, the means that evolution had happened to find to procreate life.

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