Cardinal McElroy, Homosexuality, and the Repudiation of Doctrine

The entire LGBTQ movement is a counter religion, which accounts for why it is held with a deep religious fervor and why it is always accompanied by a deep loathing for the traditional Christian construal of the sacramental anthropology of the sex act.

Cardinal Robert McElroy, in his recent remarks to the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress, stated the following:

It is essential to safeguard the deposit of faith.  But how do the doctrinal tradition and history of the church restrict the church’s ability to refine its teaching when confronted with a world where life itself is evolving in critical ways, and it is becoming clear that on some issues the understanding of human nature and moral reality upon which previous declarations of doctrine were made were in fact limited or defective?

What does Cardinal McElroy mean by “life itself is evolving in critical ways”, as he does not define what he means by “life” here? We can surmise, perhaps, that he means the cultural context in which our lives are now embedded—and that this context has changed in radical ways. If that is all he means, then I am in full agreement. However, also left undefined is whether this “evolution” is, on the whole, a positive or a negative thing when analyzed from within a Catholic theological vision of life. And I have to think that the good Cardinal views this evolution in a largely positive light since he is lamenting the fact that current construals of Catholic doctrine need to be refined in the light of this new reality. And by “refined” it is clear that he means “repudiated and then reconstructed in line with modernity”.

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