Citing ‘Diabolical Ambiguity’, Dutch Bishop Pleads for Clarity

Bishop Robert Mutsaerts, the auxiliary bishop of the Diocese of ‘s-Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands issued a strong statement against the “diabolical ambiguity” in Francis’ recent document approving of “blessings” for homosexual “couples.”

In the statement obtained by LifeSiteNews and published below, Mutsaerts begins by quoting the Vatican’s own announcement of Fiducia supplicans, arguing that the issue with the December 18 document is not that it allows for the blessing of sinners, which “has always been possible,” but that it contains “confusing passages” that seem to allow for the attributing of blessings not to sinners but perhaps to sin itself. As Mutsaerts wrote:

The first question to ask is: Would God want to give His blessing on this? God who loves nothing more than for people to come to repentance to share in God’s love. Can God give his blessing to a sinner? As mentioned, yes, of course. Repentant sinners who come to repentance are heartily pardoned. An entirely different question is: Can God give his blessing on sin? Of course not! We love the sinner but hate the sin. In all three forms of blessing (sacramental, formal, informal) exactly the same principle applies. And this is where it goes wrong in Fiducia Supplicans. A gay Christian can be blessed individually. But one cannot bless a gay relationship, because the Church characterizes it as disordered, or sinful. This disordered character is affirmed, but nevertheless the declaration says that blessing such relationships is a possibility. In other words, blessing a sinful relationship is possible. God giving His blessing on a sin, it is a travesty!

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