Freemasonry Doublespeak Employing Fiducia Supplicans

Pressed by the Daily Compass article, the President of the Pontifical Academy of Theology publishes the speech he gave at the Milan conference on Church and Freemasonry. It’s even clearer now that he indicates Fiducia Supplicans as the solution for Freemasons.

It took an article on the Daily Compass to force the publication of Monsignor Antonio Staglianò’s full speech at the seminar on “Church and Freemasonry” organised by the GRIS (Group for Socio-Religious Research and Information) in Milan last 16 February. The Daily Compass’ revelations about the ambiguities of Staglianò, who is president of the Pontifical Academy of Theology, must have caused someone a stomach ache in the Vatican, so much so that it was advisable to take corrective action.

With a clever move, however: the posting online, on 26 February, of the full video of the speech was preceded on 24 February by a “commanded” interview with the Vatican media in which Staglianò explains why the Church and Freemasonry “are profoundly irreconcilable”.

The evident aim is to show himself to be perfectly in tune with almost 300 years of the Church’s Magisterium on Freemasonry and to refute what has been published by the Daily Compass, also counting on the fact that after reading the brief interview only very few will bother to listen to 46 minutes of recorded speech. But in the interview, Staglianò only repeats some of the concepts expressed in the Milan conference, leaving out the more questionable ones, some of which were reported by Daily Compass (anyone can verify the accuracy of our quotes).

The tactic is always the same: words say that doctrine does not change, but then there is life to consider, which is always greater than doctrine. This is exactly the sense of the Staglianò’s speech in Milan.

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