WATCH: Bishop Strickland Urges Brother Bishops to Say ‘NO’ to Francis’ ‘Blessings’ of Homosexual Couples


The recently canceled Bishop of Tyler, Texas, His Excellency Joseph Strickland, is calling on Catholic bishops to resist Fiducia Supplicans, a document released earlier today by Pope Francis in conjunction with left-wing Cardinal Victor Manuel Fernández that calls for blessings of homosexual couples.

In remarks shared exclusively with LifeSiteNews via video, Bishop Strickland encouraged “my brother bishops that we all join with a voice of strength and joy in the Lord in these last days of Advent and say ‘no’ to this latest document.”

“We really simply need to be a united voice saying, ‘no,’ we will not respond to this,” Strickland stated. “We will not incorporate this into the life of the Church because we simply must say ‘no.’ And it needs to be a united voice.”

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