Francis Creates Schism with the Church That Stood Up to ISIS

The theological schisms that had a dramatic impact on church history are, unfortunately, not a thing of the past. At a time when various Christian bodies have been trying to reconcile and heal centuries-old rifts and misunderstandings, a new break is currently taking place — this time concerning “a landmark ruling approved last December by Pope Francis that Roman Catholic priests can administer blessings to same-sex couples.”

Unsurprisingly, many Christians have expressed shock and disappointment over this declaration. According to a March 9 report:

The document has encountered an unprecedented level of opposition within the Catholic Church, with bishops’ conferences in Africa, the Netherlands, Poland, Hungary and individual dioceses, including nine in France and many more across the United States and the rest of the world, saying they would refuse anything that appears to be a blessing of a homosexual couple.

The Russian Orthodox Church said this innovation reflects “a sharp departure from Christian moral teaching.” Hilarion Alfeyev, the current metropolitan of Budapest and Hungary, who closely examined the Vatican’s declaration, described it as “a kind of shock,” adding:

We always cite the Catholic Church as a beacon of traditional Christianity … the Church which always supports the traditional Christian values and moral teaching in spite of the fact that from many different angles it is attacked for this traditionalism and stubbornness … . Everyone now will believe that the Church blesses homosexual couples … [The declaration] deceives those who receive such a blessing and those who witness it.

Quite so.

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