Catholic Masses for LGBT Inclusion in Mexico City

“Let us all pray,” asks Gonzalo Rosas, a Jesuit priest who celebrates masses for the inclusion of LGBT people in Mexico City, now with an additional motivation: the pope’s endorsement to bless same-sex couples.

The appointment is at the Sagrada Familia, a majestic parish in the Roma neighborhood, where Father Gonzalo has worked for eleven years and officiates Sunday Eucharists with the LGBT community once a month, which are replicated in three churches in the capital.

When speaking during the sermon, Víctor Rodríguez affirms that he and many others come because they feel “excluded,” like when he was pressured as a teenager to leave the seminary because of his homosexuality.

Then he invites the congregation to pray for those who reject them: “For that little priest who took me out of the church for being the way I am,” says Rodríguez, 39, who attends with her husband. Rosas, in turn, addresses the faithful with inclusive language.

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