Synod Art Depicts Woman in Priestly Vestments, Person in ‘PRIDE’ T-Shirt

As a select group of Church representatives gather in Frascati, Italy this week, the Catholic Church’s “Synod on Synodality” enters its “continental phase.” Designated “experts” from five continents will meet until October 1 near Rome to review pages of summaries from the 2021- 2022 regional episcopal synods and produce from them one global synthesis document. … Read more

The Total Hypocrisy of Many Catholic Bishops

Catholic bishops in America are attacking Republican governors for responding to sham-Catholic Joe Biden’s open border crisis. Church Militant’s Aidan O’Connor takes a closer look at bishops preaching on the migrant crisis. American prelates are chastising Catholic governors for transporting illegal immigrants to liberal-run sanctuary states. Facing record-breaking illegal immigration, the Catholic governors Doug Ducey … Read more

Homopredator Priest Sentenced to 30 Years For Abusing Children

Spain’s Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld a 30-year prison sentence a lower court had imposed on Pedro Jiménez Arias, a former priest, for sexually abusing seven boys he taught at a seminary boarding school. The court found that the abuse took place between 2013 and 2016 at the school in the south-central city of Ciudad … Read more

Boycott Bad Bishops

It is past time for practicing Catholics to hold their bishops accountable for actively spreading or enabling moral, doctrinal, or liturgical deviancy. For that reason, LifeSiteNews is encouraging all Catholics to take part in a monetary boycott of modernist bishops through its LifePetitions platform. To add your name to the list, please visit:

Washington State Priest Arrested For Alleged Rape

A priest in Washington state is now behind bars and facing rape charges. According to Monsignor Robert Siler with the Yakima Diocese, 49-year-old Rev. Tomás Vázquez Téllez was arrested Sept. 7 by Kennewick Police Department officers. Vázquez was booked into the Benton County Jail on suspicion of third-degree rape with an aggravating factor of being … Read more

WATCH: Yoga Church

  Every Wednesday of the past months of July and August, St. James Church on Coudenberg in Antwerp, Belgium, (French: Église Saint-Jacques-sur-Coudenberg, Dutch: Sint-Jacob-op-Koudenbergkerk) offered yoga classes for its parishioners. The pews of the central nave near the altar – see first row below – were removed specifically in order to allow the participants to … Read more

Washington Area Priest Charged With Indecent Exposure

A Catholic priest in the Archdiocese of Washington has been placed on administrative leave and suspended from public ministry pending an investigation after he was charged with the misdemeanor offense of indecent exposure Aug. 25. The allegations in charging documents say that Father Jaroslaw “Jerry” Gamrot, pastor of Holy Face Parish and administrator of Little … Read more

LISTEN: Manufacturing the Clerical Predator

  The Angry Catholic has posted an audio version a documentary entitled “Manufacturing the Clerical Predator” produced and directed by Sarah Pearson from The documentary features three former Catholic prelates, including: Kevin Wester – former priest James Egan – former seminarian Thomas Doyle – former Dominican priest and cannon lawyer. Names of U.S. bishops … Read more