Archbishop of San Antonio Gave Biden Communion, Ignored Gov. Abbott at Uvalde Mass

San Antonio Archbishop Gustavo García-Siller’s politics could not have been clearer the day he gave Holy Communion to pro-abortion President Joe Biden and ignored pro-life Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

Professor Randall B. Smith of the University of St. Thomas in Houston told the story vividly in an August 29, 2022 article for Catholic World Report:

 … it’s odd that before the Mass for the families of those killed in Uvalde, Archbishop García-Siller had a special private meeting with President Biden and then went to the Bidens first to offer them communion at their seats before everyone else. This is a man whose support for actual murder means he shouldn’t be receiving communion at all. And Governor Greg Abbott? No special treatment there. He wheeled himself in his wheelchair to the back of the cathedral and came up the center aisle with his wife like everyone else. The Archbishop saw him but never acknowledged his presence.

Smith reported that García-Siller did worse than ignore the governor of Texas; he maligned Abbott before the mainstream media. García-Siller told the San Antonio Express-News that since “what happened at Uvalde, there has not been word from my leader in my state of compassion, of care, of pain” and that the governor was using tragic events in Texas “for personal gain.”

The Catholic professor found this behavior unbecoming in a bishop.“First, he attributed ill or ignoble motives to someone whose heart and soul he does not know, which Christ forbids,” Smith wrote.

“And second, that statement was simply untrue, unless the only comments he cares about are those that show up in the media. Because when the Archbishop made that comment, the Governor had been in Uvalde for several days meeting privately with victims’ families: no cameras, no press, just the Governor in private with the families.”

“Perhaps his real sin, then, was that he didn’t let the reporters know he was there to watch him console and pray with the victims and make public his grief – so that the San Antonio Express-News would write about the Governor the kind of things they wrote about the Archbishop.”

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