Kentucky Church Defiantly Doubles-Down On Same-Sex Blessing

A Daily Mail article published Sunday directly calls out Lexington’s Historic Saint Paul Catholic Church for giving a blessing to a same-sex couple.

Those with the church say most of the information in that article is not true.

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“They took everything out of context. The Vatican never had anything to say to us at St. Paul. Let alone slap us down. Number two, they have no idea what the context of that photo was. All they saw was a priest extending his hands in blessing over a same-sex couple in front of a Christmas tree.” Stan “JR” Zerkowski, Director of LGBTQ+ Ministry at St. Paul Catholic Church, said.

St. Paul Church’s Facebook post stated, “History was made Sunday at Historic Saint Paul Catholic Church. This same-sex couple, civilly married for 22 years, asked for a blessing, which Fr Richard freely offered according to the guidelines in Fiducia Supplicans.”

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