U.S. Bishops Think We’re Stupid

Several border-area US Catholic Bishops issued a series of demands which–they say–will “fix” the illegal alien problem.

That’s consistent with the semantics games the Bishops used following the issuance of ‘Perversia Supplicans which works like this:

First, the Bishops underline the only positive:  that the document keeps the Church’s definition of marriage intact.

Second, they ignore the obvious sacrilege of issuing a blessing to couples (throuples??  quadthrouples?) living in flat-out immoral relationships.

They think you’re stupid.

So with regards to the illegal immigrants, same recipe!

…“Governments must create laws that include both a secure border and a humane immigration policy. We do not encourage illegal or undocumented migration, but rather we advocate for legal avenues for migration,” they said….

Their faux-piety is nauseating.

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