Swiss Bishop: ‘A Sinful Practice and Union Cannot be Blessed’

Bishop Marian Eleganti has responded to the Vatican declaration Fiducia supplicans by explaining the reasons why same-sex couples cannot be blessed. 

“The so-called magisterium of Francis, which is presented as something new and unprecedented in contrast to tradition, is a nonsensical conceptual neologism by Cardinal Fernandez, because popes, like bishops, are guardians of the Church’s teaching and its unbroken tradition,” Eleganti wrote in an essay published by 

“Truths are eternal and do not change with the spirit of the age. In other words, popes and bishops do not bring anything of their own, but interpret the constant faith of the Church along the lines of tradition without breaking with it.” 

“It therefore remains the case that a sinful practice and union cannot be blessed because it contradicts the order of creation and the will of God, and in such a case, the blessing can neither be fruitfully given nor received (cf. the justification in the Responsum ad dubium of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith on the blessing of unions of persons of the same sex from 2021 under Card. Ladaria).” 

“The Church has always taught this,” the former auxiliary bishop of Chur stated. 

Eleganti explained that a blessing is a sacramental and is therefore only valid if the recipient and the administrator have the proper disposition. It differs from the seven sacraments, which are always valid independent of one’s inner beliefs. 

“Blessings without the right inner disposition of the administrator and the recipient are ineffective because blessings do not work ex opere operato (from the work performed) like the sacraments,” the Swiss bishop said.  

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