Fiducia Supplicans: Statement from the Superior General of the SSPX

We are dismayed by the declaration Fiducia supplicans of the prefect of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith, on the question of blessings for “couples in an irregular situation and couples of the same sex”. Especially since this document was signed by the Pope himself.

Although it purports to avoid any confusion between the blessing of such illegitimate unions and that of a marriage between a man and a woman, this declaration avoids neither confusion nor scandal: not only does it teach that a minister of the Church can call down God’s blessing on sinful unions, but by doing so, it actually reinforces these situations of sin.

The call for such a ‘blessing’ would consist only of asking for these people, in a non-liturgical framework, that “all that is true, good and humanly valuable in their lives and in their relationships be invested, healed and elevated by the presence of the Holy Ghost”.

But to make those who live in a fundamentally flawed union believe that the same could have any positive value is the worst kind of deception, and the most serious lack of charity towards these lost souls. It is wrong to imagine that there is anything good in a situation of public sin, and it is wrong to claim that God can bless couples living in such a situation.

Doubtless, every man can be helped by the prevenient mercy of God, and discover with confidence that he is called to convert in order to receive the salvation that God offers him. And Holy Church never refuses a blessing to sinners who legitimately ask for it: but then, this blessing has no other object than to help the soul to overcome sin in order to live in a state of grace.

Holy Church can therefore bless any individual, even a pagan. But never, in any way, can it bless a union that is sinful in itself, under the pretext of encouraging what is good in it.

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