AS EXPECTED: Tucho Says No “Witch Hunt” for Priests Who Violate Fiducia Supplicans

Cardinal Victor Fernandez has again insisted that the Vatican directive Fiducia Supplicans does not allow for blessings of homosexual unions, but admitted that some priests may improperly provide such blessings.

Reporting on his recent meeting with Coptic Pope Tawadros II, who had strongly rejected the Vatican directive, Cardinal Fernandez said that he had assured the Orthodox prelate that the Catholic Church has not changed its position on same-sex marriage. He said that despite their disagreement, his meeting with Pope Tawadros had been marked with “great cordiality.” The meeting was useful, he said, because “it is better to meet face to face and speak candidly.”

Regarding the possibility that some blessings of couples could convey the idea that the Church endorses same-sex unions, the cardinal said that complaints should be directed to the local bishop, “but I don’t think we have to conduct a witch hunt.”

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