Why in the World is Bishop Barron Complimenting Bill Maher?

Bishop Robert Barron has, over the past decade or so, become one of the best-known high-profile figures in American Catholic circles. His book and, later, television series Catholicism have elucidated and clarified the history and teachings of the Catholic Church for thousands. His Word on Fire ministry has played a part in keeping alive the Catholic tradition of public intellectualism. His podcast has facilitated earnest and even thought-provoking debate amongst Catholics and between Catholics and those of other faiths. But his latest published work is, at best, naïve — and, at worst, downright stupid.

In an op-ed piece for CNN — of all places — published last week, Barron hailed the pot-smoking, atheistic liberal talk show host and sometime-comedian Bill Maher as an “ally.” Barron begins by lamenting Maher’s staunchly-held atheism, glossing the godless pundit’s decades of ranting against God. The bishop then notes that Maher has seemingly pivoted of late to “articulating his opposition to the ‘woke’ ways of thinking that have managed to capture the allegiance of most of the major institutions of our country.”

“As he has done so, I have found myself, time and again, nodding my head in agreement,” Barron writes of Maher’s grimly humorous tirades against the woke ideology. “To my surprise, the nemesis had become an ally.” The bishop proceeds to gush over Maher’s commitment to “classical liberalism” and fostering “fraternity across ideologies,” concluding, “Three cheers for Bill Maher!”

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