French Caribbean Bishops Ban Blessings of Homosexual ‘Couples’

Bishops in the ecclesiastical province of Antilles and Guyana have issued their rejection of blessings for homosexual “couples” and couples in “irregular situations.”

Published January 21, the statement read that “in accordance with the fundamental principles of Fiducia Supplicans and in order to avoid any confusion,” priests could bless individuals but were forbidden from conferring blessings “in irregular situations or [on couples] of the same sex.”

Led by Archbishop David Macaire, the statement was signed by two other bishops of the province along with three vicar generals. Thus six dioceses were represented by name on the document.

An additional video statement issued by the ecclesiastical province featured Archbishop Gabriel Malzaire of the Archdiocese of Roseau, who noted that the Church could not offer blessings which would involve the “acceptance of a sinful situation.”

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