Throng of Thongs

“There’s no one better than the trannies, y’all, we are f****** everything!” Cecilia once screamed at a party.“I’m asking all my trans people in the room, please, always, always terrorize cisgender people. Sometimes it doesn’t take much, you just have to show up!”

“I want all the faggotry. I want all the tranny behavior.”

~Cecilia Gentili, Matriarchal Legacy of Cecilia Gentili, at Transmission, all-trans music festival.

In the final week of Lent, Catholics should be reminded of the Gentili funeral. Lest Catholics forget, Cardinal Dolan still refuses to hold a public mass of reparation for this blasphemy nor has he disciplined the behavior of the Cathedral staff. Shockingly, he insists that the celebrant, Fr. Dougherty is a “hero.” This scandal is not going to mysteriously evaporate. It is guaranteed to pick up steam in the upcoming Synod Part II.

Faggotry reigned and “trannies showed up” at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in drag costumes yelling foul language, displaying bawdy behavior, all designed “to terrorize” Catholic cisgenders. Gentili would have been proud of her funeral protest demonstration.

Invoking urban slang, the chickens* came home to roost at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. This, dear cisgender Catholics, is the merciful face of Bergoglio’s synodal inclusivity. This bawdy burlesque bacchanalia captures the essence of Cardinal McElroy’s directive to all Catholics to have a“rigorous obligation to protect LGBT persons.”

Mission Accomplished! As intended, Fiducia Supplicans paved the nave for feathers and leather adorned with tuck- it spandex as it embraces the newly christened protected class of Cecilia Gentili, Dylan Mulvaney, and Laverne Cox in the Synodal Church of Bergoglio.

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Saul Alinsky would be proud. The Gentili funeral implemented Alinsky’s 5th Rule for Radicals: Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. Ridicule dominated the Gentili political protest at the Catholic cathedral as females and the Catholic faith were scorned throughout the event. Women were mocked and parodied by grown men who paraded in drag, with their surgically removed Adam’s apple, decked out in high heels and lavish wigs. The Catholic faith was roundly ridiculed as the mob loudly taunted and blasphemed a beloved Catholic saint. Bow down to the Bergoglio Synodal Church of Inclusion where liturgy is recast as a trashy drag show.

Deriding the Catholic faith served as the theme of the Gentili funeral service at the famous St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Fifth Avenue. The high profile service provided the perfect venue to promote the in-your-face radical trans political agenda. Ceyenne Doroshow, the organizer of Gentili’s funeral explained to the the Washington Post that the Church’s attitude toward the queer community played a role in the selection of St. Patrick’s:

“The immediate reason was her (Gentili) ongoing conflict with the Church and how the church perceives and treats us as a people. And for somebody who had been fighting church, religion and state almost her whole life, it was fitting, for me, to make that happen.”

Not surprisingly, the iconic St. Patrick’s Cathedral symbolized the ideal battlefield to wage a public war against the Catholic Church and its stance on LGBTQIA++. Gentili’s tranny mob fired the first warning shot into the heart of the Catholicism. Accordingly, Gentili’s funeral at St. Patrick’s served up risqué revenge with a mocking drag circus of blasphemous and boisterous antics echoing in the nave.

Welcome to the first of many drag queen services in Bergoglio’s “inclusion synodal church.”

The service afforded a prime opportunity to dissent and demonstrate over perceived catholic lgbtqia2s++ oppression, by turning a solemn celebration of a departed soul into a tacky political rally. Political payback and vengeful score settling reverberated off the cathedral buttresses, while Cardinal Dolan and his cathedral staff fecklessly rolled out the purple carpet.

And just like that, the great Cathedral dedicated to the beloved Saint of Ireland, morphs into Pornhub in the pews.

Make no mistake. The transgender movement is targeting the Catholic Church. With the Vatican’s permission slip embedded in Fiducia Supplicans, the political transgender operatives seized this golden opportunity. What a rousing success! The rainbow flag is now planted in the narthex of St. Patrick’s. The hostile takeover is underway.

And who is this saint Cecilia Gentili, “the great mother whore” who was canonized by her movement? Gentili was an avowed atheist. He was a very troubled soul, who as a little boy in Argentina was repeatedly raped from age 6 through 12 by a man in the neighborhood. Gentili was abandoned by his father and raised by a mentally ill mother. Shockingly, as a boy, Gentili watched in horror as his mother killed a bag of newborn kittens with a bat. Such monstrosity is the brutal stuff of a traumatic childhood that forms and shapes a wounded Cecilia Gentili.

Not surprisingly, Gentili came out as homosexual at age 12, and then started taking gender altering drugs at age 18 years old to transition to a female. Throughout much of the adult years, Gentili survived on the streets as a prostitute, burdened with a heroin and drug addiction.

Psychiatrists warn that childhood trauma reverberates as a reaction, not a memory. Childhood trauma, such as Gentile endured, rewires the brain in very dysfunctional and unhealthy ways, often mirroring self destructive behavior, such as addiction and dangerous sexual acting out. Serious psychological intervention for trauma induced behavior is now censored by governments, and even deemed unlawful. Society now enforces and endorses the public policy that it is better to mutilate than illuminate. Sadly, such a traumatic life often ends early, as did Gentili’s, who died at the age of 52.

Anyone watching the funeral, saw a political pep rally—a radical neo-Marxist movement hell bent on canonizing its transgender icon, by mockingly enthroning Gentili, as saint Cecilia, the great mother whore in the NY Catholic cathedral.

The packed church and Gentili’s very own words reveal the dark and sinister underlying radical political agenda. Like all radical movements, at the core is a lingering and palpable threat of violence and intimidation. Accept us, or else. Submit to our demands, or else. Give us your children, or the state will take them.

Gentili’s own words bear repeating: “I’m asking all my trans people in the room, please, always, always terrorize cisgender people. Sometimes it doesn’t take much, you just have to show up!”

And they showed up in force at St. Patrick’s. Cardinal Dolan and his cathedral staff played right into their manicured hands. The outlandish behavior exacted an appropriate revulsion and outrage by Catholics, as they watched in horror as the hallowed Catholic space was desecrated by people who “showed up in all their faggotry.”

The transgender campaign is forcing their beliefs and behaviors down the cisgender’s throat, until the normies kneel in abject submission at the high altar of drag.

It may come as a shock to the hierarchy, but Catholic laity prefer St. Paul to RuPaul. Can the same be said about the Bishops?

Raunch also reigns supreme in the freak world of transgenders. That’s why parents protest drag queen shows in children’s libraries, female athletes challenge transgenders in their locker rooms (no one likes to be leered at), military recruitment is at at all time low (no one wants to share incoming fire with transgenders in foxholes) parents protest Target’s children’s “tuck friendly” swimming suits, beer drinkers are creeped out by affectatious pitchmen in drag who overly dramatize fake femininity. Men in drag, parading as exaggerated females, strutting as painted ladies, flaunting implants is repulsive and has no place in church or the public square. Flamboyant narcissism manifests severe mental illness. It should be treated as such, your eminences.

The Gentili funeral is the first of many tranny political protests scheduled for American catholic churches. Buckle up, man the church doors. Take Gentili’s threats seriously. The goal of the Marxist trans movement is to terrorize the faithful into surrender. Bring it on.

One can only hope that this signals the end of the rainbow for Cardinal Tim Dolan.

* – A term used to describe a young (generally gay) male; often used with connotations of twink.

Elizabeth Yore is an international child rights advocate attorney. She is a regular contributor to Steve Bannon’s War Room and is a panel member on the weekly LifesiteNews podcast, Faith and Reason.