Bishop Of Nakuru: “We Categorically Refute Same-Sex Blessings And We Shall Never Allow It To Take Place In Our Churches”

The Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Nakuru Cleophas Oseso Tuka will not allow priests in the diocese to bless marriages between partners of the same sex.

This comes at a time when thousands of faithful from Nakuru and Baringo counties want direction from the church on the blessing of same-sex unions.

The faithful have been waiting for the right stand on the issue that has generated a lot of debate on social media.

At the same time, Bishop Oseso said the church is ready to bless same-sex couples if they are ready to be converted.

“If they (same-sex unions) want to change their ways of life like any other person who is a sinner who comes seeking repentance with a repentant heart and wants forgiveness, they can be blessed so that they change their way and lead a proper life that God wants all of us to live,” said the bishop.

This is the second time in less than a week that Bishop Oseso has made a strong statement on same-sex union since the Vatican landmark ruling.

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