Pope Francis Opens Door to Blessings of Same-Sex Couples and Persecution of the Church

Today I got one of those emails nobody wants to receive. You know, the ones where a journalist informs you that the leader of your church has authoritatively endorsed grave, unrepented sin; mocked not just timeless and current church teaching but the natural law itself; and opened up faithful clergy to persecution by the State. And by the way, would you like to comment?

Yeah, it was one of those emails.

So of course I responded. Let me tell you the story. Or rather quote from it. The Washington Stand reports:

Pope Francis on Monday approved letting priests bless same-sex couples, sparking criticism from conservative Catholics and praise from the LGBTQ community.

Such blessings would not rise to the level of church-sanctioned same-sex marriages, the Vatican cautioned, but would offer gay Catholics the opportunity to seek God’s mercy without being subjected to “an exhaustive moral analysis.”

The Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith issued the declaration, “Fiducia supplicans,” with the pope’s approval but not his signature less than three months after a papal letter said such blessings were possible so long as they “do not transmit a wrong conception of marriage.”

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Nudge-Nudge, Wink-Wink

Does the pope’s maneuver here sound familiar? It’s the same one Bill Clinton used to trash the U.S. military’s sound, historic practice of banning homosexuals. Clinton gave his plan the modest-sounding moniker, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

In other words, Clinton didn’t yet have the cultural juice to entirely endorse homosexual servicemen, so what he would do instead of abolishing the military’s ban was to cut the legs off from any enforcement of it. The goal was never what Clinton pretended, staying out of servicemen’s private lives. Instead it was the sexual radicalization of our military, which now puts women in combat, is crippled by waves of pregnant soldiers and sailors, and actively recruits “transgender” servicemen whose sex-change butchery your taxpayer dollars now fund.

Francis seeks a similar transformation of the Roman Catholic Church.

He doesn’t want to frighten all the horses. He wants Catholics who still cling desperately to exaggerated notions about God guiding the pope day to day to hang on … by a thread. People who still believe that Catholics must treat every papal statement as “possibly infallible” and therefore beyond any question got thrown a tiny wishbone.

I already see them on social media, shrilly insisting: The pope didn’t personally sign anything, anyway! He just approved it … . The pope didn’t endorse same sex marriage. He simply said that priests don’t need to inquire if same-sex couples who want his blessing are committing sodomy on each other. He said we should be clear, when we publicly bless couples living in sin, that we aren’t endorsing it. Just … publicly blessing it in rituals like those now in German Catholic churches that look exactly like weddings.

Except a lot more tasteful, I suspect. None of that dancing to “YMCA” or running a garter up the maid of honor’s leg at these posh same-sex celebrations. Just lots of sparkling rosé in crystal flutes, and chit-chat about where to find the most affordable surrogate wombs.

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