Regis Martin: My Advice? Step Down

Suppose you’d been asked by Cardinal Manuel Fernandez, Prefect for the Dicastery for the Doctrine of Faith, to assist him in putting together an official statement on the possibility of blessing same-sex couples. He’s all in, of course, but would like it if you climbed on board as well. And never mind why he’s asked you in the first place; the point is, he did, so what do you tell him? To go stuff it? No, that clearly will not do. Ok, so you try and say it less rudely, as in, “Thank you for asking, Your Eminence, but the subject fills me with such dread and disgust that I’d rather not do it.” Will that work?

It hardly matters anyway, Cardinal Fernandez having already gone ahead and written it himself. He then sends it over to Pope Francis, who, approving what he wrote, signs the thing and—bingo—instant magisterial standing. He even gives it a name. “Fiducia Supplicans, On the Pastoral Meaning of Blessings.”

So now what? Well, it goes out to all the world, causing no end of confusion and consternation among the faithful. Even bishops are up in arms about it. So what happens next?

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