German Theologian Says Fiducia Supplicans Breaks with Scripture, Pushes Church Into ‘Free Fall’

A German theology professor has said that the Vatican’s controversial declaration Fiducia Supplicans “represents an unprecedented increase in Vatican depravity” and is “a break with Sacred Scripture and the Tradition.”

Hubert Windisch, a Catholic professor emeritus of pastoral theology, formerly of the University of Freiburg in Germany, wrote in a statement that Fiducia Supplicans “is both harmful and disgraceful” and represents a “break with Sacred Scripture and the Tradition of the Church and pushes the Catholic Church into free fall.”

He said that “one can sense the sophistical (Jesuitical?) attitude throughout the entire letter, which was already finely packaged in Amoris Laetitia, namely how a yes becomes a no and a no becomes a yes, in complete contrast to the Lord’s word in Mt 5:37.”

“The declaration is harmful because this letter will be read and handled in the social public and the parishes as a legitimization for irregular situations,” Windisch stated.

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