Cardinal Müller SLAMS ‘Disgraceful’ Vatican Meeting with German Bishops to ‘Negotiate Faith and Morals’

Cardinal Müller condemned as ‘unfathomable’ the ‘absurdity’ of German bishops negotiating Catholic doctrine in Rome ‘as if the Church’s teachings were an offer to be sold to the highest bidder in the supermarket of ideologies.’ Cardinal Gerhard Müller strongly criticized “negotiations” between the Vatican and German bishops about the heretical German Synodal Way and accused … Read more

Female Synod Adviser Appointed by Pope Francis Says ‘Women Deacons’ are a ‘Possibility’

One of the female advisers appointed to the Synod by Pope Francis has said women deacons are “a possibility.” In an interview with the news outlet of the German bishops,, theology professor Maria Lucchetti Bingemer said that thanks to Pope Francis, “There is already more visibility of women in leadership positions, and this creates … Read more

WATCH: Harrison Butker Calls-Out Cardinal Dolan on ‘Transgender Funeral’: Someone Should be ‘Fired’

  NFL kicker and Super Bowl champion Harrison Butker has criticized Cardinal Timothy Dolan for his handling of the scandalous “transgender funeral” held in St. Patrick’s Cathedral. In a recent interview with EWTN journalist Montse Alvarado, Butker was asked about the letter he had reportedly sent to Dolan to express his anger at the sacrilegious … Read more

Spanish Bishop Calls on Vatican to Withdraw Fiducia Supplicans

A Spanish bishop has called on the Vatican to withdraw Fiducia Supplicans, citing the “chaos” it created. “In the face of so much chaos, we have enough signs to conclude that the solution is to rectify; that is, to withdraw ‘Fiducia Supplicans’,” Bishop José Ignacio Munilla of the Diocese of Orihuela-Alicante wrote on X, formerly … Read more

Spanish Church may be Deconsecrated after Simulated Homosexual ‘Marriage’ Ceremony

Me pasan este clip, que es público en Instagram. Un acto de exaltación sodomítica acontecido en la ermita de una finca privada de bodas en Madrid. Si sois católicos y os invitan a irreverencias semejantes, no seáis complices de un pecado mortal. Recemos por su conversión. — P. Juan Manuel Góngora (@patergongora) February 25, … Read more

James Martin AGAIN Violates FS by Blessing Homosexual Relationship Instead of Individuals

Never mind the Pope’s excuse this is about blessing individuals – Martin chose to bless the union in direct contradiction to Fiducia Supplicans. The notorious pro-LGBT Fr. James Martin has posted about his performing of another allegedly spontaneous “blessing” of a homosexual couple.  In a thread posted on X, formerly Twitter, Martin described how he … Read more

Francis Attacks Critics of His Homosexual ‘Blessings’ as ‘Small Ideological Groups’

Pope Francis has said that those who oppose Fiducia Supplicans (FS) “belong to small ideological groups” and that the Church in Africa is “a special case” because of its culture.  In an interview with the Italian newspaper La Stampa, Francis addressed the criticism of the controversial Vatican declaration on “blessings” for couples in irregular situations, … Read more

Cardinal Müller Calls Fiducia Supplicans a ‘Failed Document’

Cardinal Gerhard Müller has called the controversial Vatican declaration Fiducia Supplicans a “failed document” that needs to be “rewritten.” He said that “now the African churches, Catholic churches, are the leaders in this way of the correction of a failed document.” “And I think we cannot really devise [that] the Africans are only saying that … Read more

German Theologian Says Fiducia Supplicans Breaks with Scripture, Pushes Church Into ‘Free Fall’

A German theology professor has said that the Vatican’s controversial declaration Fiducia Supplicans “represents an unprecedented increase in Vatican depravity” and is “a break with Sacred Scripture and the Tradition.” Hubert Windisch, a Catholic professor emeritus of pastoral theology, formerly of the University of Freiburg in Germany, wrote in a statement that Fiducia Supplicans “is … Read more