Dr. Peter Kwasniewski: Popesplainers Will Have to Face Almighty God

Dr. Peter Kwasniewski had some words of warning for Catholic Bishops who are trying to explain away the significance of Fiducia Supplicans. In a series of Tweets, Dr. Kwasniewski stated:

Actions speak louder than words. Nobody’s going to read a long Vatican document but everyone will see with his own eyes the one Sunday a month when the local liberal pastor invites all the couples of any kind to “come up for a blessing” after Mass! Quasi-lex orandi…

Moreover, everyone out there will see the flurry of progressive media coverage (“Pope blesses gay marriages!”), the nature of which the Vatican officials are certainly not so stupid that they could not predict it with exactitude. They have *intended* this fallout.

Popesplainers will have to face Almighty God someday and give an answer. “Why did you tolerate, even defend, the *appearance* of evil—which led countless souls astray—just because you stupidly thought it was better to ‘defend’ the Vatican with your sophistry?”

Conservatives are worse than progressives. Progressives tell us what their disordered desires are, and promote them tirelessly. No camouflage there. Conservatives pretend that enemies of the Church are friends, and do the dirty work of shifting the Overton window for them.

Bishops, are you listening?