‘Tucho’ Opens Up On His Disastrous Doctrinal Declarations

The Vatican press conference to introduce Dignitas Infinita was that rare thing in the history of Vatican press conferences – it was interesting.

Not thanks to the document itself, which was a hodge-podge of things-we-already-knew, but because it was the first press conference given by Cardinal Victor Fernandez, known as Tucho, the new head of the Dicastery of the Doctrine of the Faith.

Fernandez is perhaps Pope Francis’ closest collaborator and long-time friend who has had a hand in writing many of the Pope’s documents. This was Vatican journalists first chance to see him in action.

Fortunately, Tucho didn’t seem too interested in talking about the Dignitas Infinita document as he spent the greater part of his half-hour introduction discussing that other document, the much-debated Fiducia Supplicans, which allows blessings of same-sex unions, and lamenting those who have placed too little fiducia in Pope Francis.

And so it was that within the first three minutes of his presentation, the Cardinal tell us that Fiducia Supplicans has had more than 7 billion views on the Internet.

“More than 7 billion views,” he repeats. “And how many documents have there been that no one even remembers their name!”

And just in case you might think page views don’t matter, the Cardinal adds:

“In Italy, in the under-35 demographic, 75 per cent of people agree with this document.”

Unfortunately, the Cardinal was not at liberty to tell us who had conducted the survey.

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