English Diocese Bans ‘Pride Month’ Celebrations in Catholic Schools – How About US Bishops?

The celebration of so-called homosexual “Pride month” is to be banned in every Catholic school in the Diocese of Nottingham under new guidance which also cracks down on the promotion of gender ideology. Teachers are advised not to celebrate homosexuality in June, the month in which the Church traditionally honours the Sacred Heart of Jesus, … Read more

Papabili(ty): The Cardinals Who Have Seen Their Prospects in the Next Conclave Harmed and Improved by Recent Events

Stock markets are notoriously fickle, forever expanding or contracting on the basis of whatever new wind happens to blow. Let a coup occur in Bahrain, and the Dow may drop 100 points over fears about oil production; should the US land a new rover on Mars, the NASDAQ may soar amid rising confidence in American … Read more

New Evidence Shows Biden’s FBI Spied on Traditionalist U.S. Catholics from Coast to Coast – Crickets from the USCCB

The FBI mounted spying operations on traditionalist Catholic churchgoers across the whole of the United States, according to new evidence obtained by politicians. The Federal Bureau of Investigation was in February accused of secretly gathering evidence which might link Catholics in the Richmond area of Virginia to “the far right nationalist movement”. At least one … Read more

‘Tucho’ Opens Up On His Disastrous Doctrinal Declarations

The Vatican press conference to introduce Dignitas Infinita was that rare thing in the history of Vatican press conferences – it was interesting. Not thanks to the document itself, which was a hodge-podge of things-we-already-knew, but because it was the first press conference given by Cardinal Victor Fernandez, known as Tucho, the new head of the Dicastery … Read more

Cardinal Sarah Denounces ‘Atheistic’ Western Bishops Who Prefer the World to the Cross

Guinean Cardinal Robert Sarah has accused Western bishops of worldliness and of succumbing to the temptation of “practical atheism” as they lose faith in the teachings of the Catholic Church. The former prefect of the Vatican’s Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments said that so many bishops desired to be “loved by the world” … Read more

Coptic Church Terminates Ecumenical Dialogue With Catholic Church Over Homosexual ‘Blessings’

One of the most influential Oriental Orthodox Churches has suspended theological dialogue with the Catholic Church and reaffirmed its opposition to “all forms of homosexual relationships,” in the latest blow to a recent Vatican document which sets a way for blessing members of same-sex relationships. The declaration – “Fiducia Supplicans: On the Pastoral Meaning of … Read more

Italian Diocese Urges Catholics to join Muslims for Prayers and Meals in Ramadan

An Italian diocese is instructing its priests to participate in Islamic rituals, citing Pope Francis’ directives on interreligious dialogue. The Diocese of Bergamo issued a communiqué on Monday urging priests to seek out opportunities for interreligious dialogue during the “holy month” of Ramadan by invite the faithful to join in praying with Muslims and joining … Read more

Italian Catholics Reverting to Paganism

A startling number of lapsed Catholics in Italy are reverting to the deities of ancient Rome and turning to pagan seers, astrologers and psychics, attesting to a potentially catastrophic collapse of Catholicism in its traditional bastion. Over 160,000 sorcerers are doing brisk business in the occult and New Age practises, with over three million Italians … Read more