German Bishop Hopes Rome Will Stop Considering Sodomy a Grave Sin

The elected archbishop of Bamberg, Herwig Gössl, is one of those dissatisfied with Fiducia supplicans, but in the opposite direction to the Africans: he knows little about it and hopes that Rome will open its hand completely and stop considering homosexual relations a serious sin.

Given the publication of Fiducia supplicans, the archbishop of Bamberg concluded that “if we can bless this type of union, the doctrine would have to be developed so that homosexual acts are no longer considered a serious sin,” Gössl told the Süddeutsche Zeitung, with a conception truly peculiar of an à la carte ‘doctrinal development’.

According to the future archbishop of Bamberg, those affected would also have preferred a clearer declaration. “I think this is not the end of the debate,” he added.

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