Argentine Archbishop: Francis’ Document Must Not Be Obeyed

The Dicastery of the Doctrine of the Faith has become a Dicastery of confusion. This is precisely what the Argentinean Cardinal Víctor Manuel Fernández promotes. Not only the confusion of the faithful, but also of world opinion.

Now he is once again giving occasion for debate with the publication of the declaration Fiducia supplicans, on the blessing of homosexual couples and of heterosexual marriages who live in an irregular situation. It is scandalous that this statement contradicts what two years ago the Dicastery affirmed with the signature of Cardinal Luis Ladaria. In that statement it was said that a homosexual couple cannot be blessed because God cannot bless sin. That is the truth. Every blessing implies God’s complacency in the person, or the object blessed.

As it could not be otherwise, Fiducia supplicans multiplies excuses and explanations that simply reveal a clear accusation. The style is the style of dissimulation proper to Pope Francis: things are said half-heartedly in order to be fully understood against Tradition.

In the introduction it is said that one can understand the possibility of blessing couples in irregular situations and same-sex couples because the blessing cannot be preceded by a prior moral analysis. A repeated pretext is that the Church must be more “inclusive,” and the criterion for this identification is sociological, or social psychological, as developed because of the pressure of the world: of fashion, and of the imposition of models according to alleged “new rights.” The Church is inclusive by nature, since it was formed thanks to Christ’s command to the Apostles: to address all nations. And the history of the Church shows that from the beginning all peoples have been incorporated into it. This declaration constitutes a true scandal which, decorated by pretexts, contrasts the secular doctrine on marriage.

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