Viganò: Tucho’s Defense of Fiducia Supplicans Shows His ‘Manifest Heresy’

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has stated that Cardinal Fernández’s press release defending Fiducia Supplicans is part of an attempt to “cause a schism” and to “demolish it [the Church] from within,” accusing the cardinal of “manifest heresy.”

“{A}ny document bearing Tucho’s signature can be considered devoid of any value, due to the manifest heresy of Tucho himself and his complicity with Bergoglio in discrediting the Holy Church by usurping its authority to demolish it from within,” wrote Archbishop Viganò.

The former Papal Nuncio gave his comments as part of an exclusive interview to LifeSiteNews conducted via email. The interview was arranged in light of the January 4 press release from Cardinal Victor Manuel Fernández in which the cardinal responded to the widely negative which Fiducia Supplicans has received in recent weeks.

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