Bishop Medley Acknowledges Laity Frustrated by ‘Lack of Clarity from Church Leadership’ after Fiducia Supplicans

The bishop of Owensboro, Kentucky this month published a synthesis document of the diocese’s synodal discussion, in which he observes a “universal hunger for greater clarity from church leaders on Church teachings,” especially after the publication of “Fiducia Supplicans.”

Bishop William F. Medley published the “Synthesis of Synodal Listening in the Interim Phase – In the Diocese of Owensboro, Kentucky” on April 3.

“There were several points we heard expressed at each one of the listening sessions and seem to be in general the issues weighing most on people’s minds and hearts,” Bishop Medley wrote.

One of the listed points reads: “There is a universal hunger for greater clarity from church leaders on Church teachings.”

In the specific section of the synthesis about the faithfuls’ areas of frustration and concern, the bishop wrote: “At each of the five listening sessions, frustration was expressed about the lack of clarity from church leadership, citing especially Pope Francis.”

In the listening sessions, Bishop Medley said that the faithful described Pope Francis “as being ambiguous in his teaching and in his casual remarks. A plea was made for the Holy Father to ‘be direct and tell us what you actually mean.’”

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