Exorcist’s Assistant: ‘Blessing’ Homosexual Couples ‘Flings the Door Open’ to the Demonic

In a multi-part interview with LifeSiteNews, Kyle Clement, assistant to well-known exorcist Father Chad Ripperger, both of whom have long experience in exorcism and deliverance ministry, explained the way in which Freemasonry is rooted in Satanism, and the way in which Masonic curses invoke demonic influence on a person and their descendants. The exorcist’s assistant also explained the ways in which Freemasons have infiltrated the Church in the marked promotion of unqualified persons to places of ecclesiastical authority.  

Denouncing the grave sins and scandals of priests and bishops, which have plagued the Church in recent decades, the exorcist’s assistant warned that the blasphemous invocation of a priestly “blessing” on a homosexual “couple” or a couple living in sexual sin, such as is now proposed by Fiducia supplicans, “flings the door wide open” to the demonic for priests. From his long experience with such matters, Clement recommended recourse to Our Lady to overcome the wholesale attack on marriage and the faith that we are seeing today both within the Church and outwith. 

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