If Dioceses Can Opt-Out of Fiducia Supplians, Why Hasn’t Your Bishop?

The Vatican’s doctrinal office head on Thursday appeared to provide an “out” for clerics not on board with its declaration last week that priests can bless individuals in “irregular” relationships, including same-sex couples, so long as the prayers do not mimic a marriage ritual.

Cardinal Víctor Manuel Fernández, prefect of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith, told the Spanish newspaper ABC, “it’s proper for each local bishop to make that discernment” about whether those blessings should be permitted in their diocese.

The prelate noted the dilemma posed by “Fiducia Supplians,” released on Dec. 18, in which the church declares such blessings may be performed. In Africa, he told the newspaper, “There is legislation that penalizes with prison the mere fact of declaring oneself to be gay, imagine [what a] a blessing [would do]” in such a situation.

Cardinal Fernández’s comments were reported by the Catholic News Agency, an independent news service operated by EWTN, itself a private Catholic satellite and cable network.

While the move to grant such blessings was hailed by one advocate as “a tremendous step forward in the church’s relationship with LGBTQ Catholics,” it also provoked a strong reaction from those opposed to the move, with one critic blasting it as “creating scandal and confusion.”

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TAKE ACTION: Responding to concerns of the faithful, many bishops OUTSIDE the United States have chosen NOT to implement Fiducia Supplians (see related stories below).  Contact your bishop and ask him to follow the lead of these courageous bishops who have chosen to protect their flocks from confusion and scandal.

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