WATCH: Tucho Attempts to Justify Blessing Homosexual Couples

It is the first time that Cardinal Fernández has appeared publicly since he became prefect of the Doctrine of the Faith. It was to explain the motivations and content of a new doctrinal declaration. He did not do it when Fiducia Supplicans came out, about the blessing of same-sex and irregular couples, which he did speak about in this press conference.

Prefect, Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith
There has been a masterful innovation. An innovation in the way of understanding blessings. The pope wanted to expand the understanding of blessings to develop his pastoral wealth. That is, he helps us understand that there are blessings that do not confirm, do not sanction, do not consecrate, do not justify anything. They are just a prayer from the minister to express God’s help to continue living.

The document, which was made at the request of the Pope, has been one of those that has generated the most reactions within the Church.

The Argentine cardinal insisted that this type of blessing does not in any way legitimize the status of a same-sex couple. He said that there are different types of blessings and that not all of them are liturgical.

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