Catholic Priest Organization to Host Same-Sex “Married” Professor of Theology

The Association of US Catholic Priests (AUSCP) has replaced a keynote speaker at its 12th Annual Assembly (taking place June 12-15 at the University of San Diego) with a university Theology professor who claims to be “married” to another man.  Cardinal Louis Tagle had to cancel his participation in the Assembly because he had been appointed by Pope Francis as his Special Envoy to the National Eucharistic Congress of the Democratic Republic of the Congo at a time that made his presence impossible.

Replacing Cardinal Tagle is Dr. Brian Flanagan, Associate Professor of Theology at Marymount University and president of the College Theology Society.

Dr. Flanagan openly admits that he is “married” to another man, boasts of his affectionate homosexual activities, publicly broadcasts his homosexual activism, his socialist leanings, and even blasphemous images of both Jesus and Mary.

The inclusion of Dr. Flanagan as a keynote speaker for the AUSCP comes on the heels of the AUSCP’s recent document, endorsed by the AUSCP Leadership Team, “BEING GAY, ORDAINED, FAITHFUL TO THE CHURCH AND APPRECIATED BY THE CHURCH – Are all these possible in today’s Church?”  As reported by the Lepanto Institute two weeks ago, this document calls for the Catholic Church to ordain homosexual priests and pursue “a new Catholic ethic of human sexuality and sexual behavior.”

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