A Sign from Heaven in Bergoglio’s Buenos Aires?

On Pope Francis’ birthday, Sunday December 17, 2023, and the day before the release of Fiducia Supplicans, a lightning bolt deprived a statue of St. Peter of his key, halo and blessing hand, at Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Rosary of San Nicolas, north of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The news was reported by the Telegram channel “The Pope’s Pearls” : it seemed to be fake, given that no news could be found on the web, but the event has just been confirmed by the Reverend Father Justo Lofeudo , a priest who is certainly a Bergoglian.

A typical “Ratzinger effect”, evidently, that particular phenomenon whereby the Bergoglians or the una cum, (Bergoglio’s legitimist conservatives) unconsciously offer information, documents and testimonies that are very useful for the reconstruction of the Magna Quaestio. In this case it would obviously only be a “sign from Heaven” which, however, has been interpreted by many Catholics without too much difficulty.

Father Lofeudo certainly did not realize the effect that the disclosure of the photo would have.

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