WATCH: Chicago Priest Blesses Same-Sex ‘Marriage’

A Methodist minister has sought a blessing on her same-sex union from a priest at a parish within the Archdiocese of Chicago, months after the Vatican issued a document on the possibility of giving spontaneous, non-liturgical pastoral blessings to couples in irregular situations.

“Myah always wanted to get married at the chapel of her Alma mater, so I surprised her with a blessing of our marriage!” wrote Kelli Knight, who posted a brief video and photographs of the blessing April 22 on her Instagram account, citygrrl76.

The video pictured Knight, who spent 14 years as pastor of several Chicago-area United Methodist congregations and will become associate pastor at an Arizona church in July, with a woman addressed in the clip as Myah and Vincentian Father Joseph S. Williams, pastor of St. Vincent de Paul Parish in Chicago.

The parish, administered by the Vincentian Congregation of the Mission-Western Province and adjacent to DePaul University, was established by the Vincentians in 1898 and serves the university community.

In a May 1 phone call with OSV News, Father Williams confirmed that he is the priest in the video, and that the blessing — which he said he administered by appointment at the request of Knight a month prior — took place at St. Vincent de Paul.

OSV News has sent a link to the video to the Archdiocese of Chicago for comment, along with a message to Knight via her Instagram account, and is awaiting a reply to both inquiries.

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