Two More English Dioceses Ban Artwork of Accused Serial Sex Abuser Marko Rupnik: US Diocese Count = ZERO

Three English dioceses will ban images designed by Father Marko Rupnik as a response to the scandal engulfing the priest over allegations of serial abuse.

In the continued fallout over the numerous allegations of abuse made against Rupnik, a former Jesuit, a handful of English dioceses are taking steps as yet unmade by the Vatican.

Antonia Sobocki, who leads an English clerical abuse victims’ advocacy group called LOUDfence, announced on September 26 that the Archdiocese of Southwark had “now committed to banning all rape art including works by Marko Rupnik.”

Sobocki had recently taken part in the plenary assembly of the Vatican’s Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors, where she presented her testimony and had a brief meeting with Pope Francis.

Following her September 26 post, Sobocki wrote that the Diocese of Plymouth along with that of Hexham and Newcastle was following suit. LifeSite contacted the two dioceses asking for confirmation.

A spokesman for the Diocese of Plymouth stated that “in line with the position being adopted by other dioceses, it has been decided that it would be totally inappropriate to continue to endorse, display, or use any copies of Fr. Marko Rupnik’s artwork in any way.”

Meanwhile a spokesman for the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle told LifeSiteNews that “our Diocese has reached a decision not to use imagery from the work of Fr. Marko Rupnik in future media. This has applied since our recent Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes and the artwork was removed digitally from photos taken during the pilgrimage.”

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TAKE ACTION: Ask your bishop to follow the lead of these three English dioceses in banning the artwork of accused serial sex abuser Fr. Marko Rupnik.


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